Food Cravings: Are you Missing a Nutrient in Your Diet?


I crave chocolate but only the darkest of the darkest. I have to admit it comes and goes so I know that it is related to how my body is ( nutrient) fueled up and  how I am feeling: stressed and/or tired. Below is a list of common food cravings I see with my patients, possible nutrient deficiencies that may possibly be the cause and what you can eat instead.

1. Chocolate

nutrient missing: magnesium

what to eat instead: dark green and leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds 

2. Sweet Stuff

nutrient missing: chromium

what to eat instead: broccoli, whole grains, tomatoes, onions

nutrient missing: tryptophan

what to eat instead: chicken, soybeans, turkey, salmon, spinach

3. Salty Foods

nutrient missing: chloride

what to eat instead: seaweed, celery, lettuce

4. Carbohydrates

nutrient missing: protein

5. Greasy Foods

nutrient missing: calcium

what to eat instead: green leafy veggies, broccoli, nuts

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Dr. Heather Manley, is a practicing physician whose primary interest is preventative healthcare for families. She was inspired to write her award winning children’s educational adventure series, Human Body Detectives, as she saw a need to teach children how their bodies work & what foods best fuel them. By creating the engaging & entertaining series, children are more apt to make healthier lifestyle decisions. Sign up for my newsletter

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