The BIGGEST Curriculum Sale of the Year

The BIGGEST Curriculum Sale of the Year

It’s time to choose your 2015/16 curriculum!

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Human Body Detectives Go To School curriculum plus many other entertaining and educational companies are participating in Build Your Bundle curricula sale: Starting May 25. The sale is just for one week and it is definitely worth your while to check it out and be ready for the next school year.

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I can’t give your the exact details of which publisher is in each bundle but I can say they start at $10 and all are less than $100: some are pre-organized and some are   build your own. Below are a few of the bundles.


•1st-3rd grade (2 bundles!)

•4th-6th grade (2 bundles!)

•Middle School

•High School

•Charlotte Mason



•Unit Studies

•Just for Boys

•Just for Girls

•Character Bundle

•Just for Moms (2 bundles!)

•Fine Arts

•Special Needs Bundle

•Non-Faith Based/Secular Bundle


Build Your Bundle 2015

Sale Dates: May 25 to June 1st



Human Body Detectives is both a participating publisher and an affiliate.

Top 3 Ways to Prevent & Eliminate Eczema


Eczema is prevalent and according to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology up to 18% of children have eczema; and this research was only conducted on diagnosed children and did not include adults. Eczema is an inflammatory, non contagious skin condition that creates the skin to be red, scaly and oozy, and itchy. There are many types from cradle cap to seborrheic dermatitis, however, atopic ( meaning a from of allergy) is the most common.

Many years ago, I had a parent bring her newly adopted baby girl  to me with a severe case of eczema. She had spent her first months in an orphanage but had now arrived in Hawaii with a thick scaly itchy patch behind one of her ears. It was not very pretty and the new mom was distraught. Luckily, the mom was on board and committed to do anything that would help her baby. It only took a few short weeks of changing her diet, applying soothing salve, and allowing everyone to feel relaxed to have it almost completely clear up. Below are the 3 main things we did:

  • Removed dairy and gluten from her diet ( she didn’t eat sugar) ( we found these to be her eczema triggers)
  • Cut fingernails short to avoid infections from scratching ( eczema is itchy)
  • Applied herbal salve daily
  • Supplements: fish oils and probiotics
  • Castor oil packs

Below are the 3 three main causes of eczema, that I have found, that need to be addressed when treating and eliminating eczema.

1. Stress

One may not think of stress playing a role in eczema, or any disease for that matter, but it plays a very large role. Our bodies do not want to be sick and one of the first things it will do in a stressful situation or if there is an unwanted substance in the body, is push it out through the skin. Any type of stress – whether it be emotional, physical ( kids learning to talk, crawl, taking tests) weather changes or holidays – can add to skin flare – ups.

What to do:

I suggest to most of my patients to keep a food mood stress diary. Understanding how food makes you feel allows for a clear awareness that is necessary to make changes in your everyday diet. Discovering stress triggers can be extremely helpful tools and solutions ( exercise, yoga, meditation, or simply taking time outs and enjoying yourself) to better react with the stress that you have or may forsee.

2. Diet & Digestion

Eating a diet of processed foods, or simple carbohydrates, the body will not be getting the nutrients it needs. In my practice, I have found that when people remove these foods plus either gluten and dairy or both  ( especially gluten) from their diet, their skin immediately clears up.

What to do:

First, begin eating a whole colorful diet. Second, give yourself 2 weeks and begin by removing gluten completely ( stick to brown rice). Add probiotics ( learn more here) to help with your digestion. During the 2 week trial, make note of any changes, and after the 2 weeks is up, eat gluten all day. Again, note any changes for up to 72 hours. You will be surprised with the results. You can repeat this with dairy or any other suspected food sensitivity.

3. Chemicals

Creams, laundry detergent, soaps can all be very irritating to the skin and promote the inflammatory eczema. Being a ( label) detective to find out what could be the cause of your skin eruptions ( or your childs) is the first place to begin when treating eczema.

What to do: I happily stumbled upon a company, yoreGANICS, whose mission is to create products that are hypoallergenic and soothing to everyone’s skin. Their clever and brilliant twist was to use soap nuts. Their products are all gluten free, cruelty free, natural and USDA certified organic, hypoallergenic and free of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, parabens, lanolin, coal tar, SLS sodium lauryl sulfate, steroids, detergents, mineral oil, petroleum, fragrances, dyes, alcohol.

Visit their site to learn all about eczema, and the best ways to treat it topically.

If you have any questions of need support with treating it, please feel free to email me.

Be well,


Human Body Detectives Book Collection NOW ON AMAZON!

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Twitter comment: “My kids love those books and have learned so much about human body and words like ‘esophagus’ more please!”

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Leaky Gut and its Role in Digestion

Leaky Gut is a common term to describe the malabsorption of nutrients in the small intestine. Basically, food allergens, medications, stress, alcohol may compromise the gut lining, creating a perfect environment for, other wise prohibited, larger protein molecules into the body, which put the immune system on high alert and nutrients not being optimally absorbed.

The digestive system works hard by transforming the foods we eat into nutrients that fuel our bodies that allow us to function every day. Each school health presentation I give, I always talk about  the digestive system first. If foods are not digesting well then how can one function well?

A brief journey through the digestive system:

  1. It all begins in the nose with the smell of foods. Delicious scents initiate an alert to the digestive system that food maybe on its way.  Once food enters the mouth, chewing creates saliva – the first step in the breakdown of food – and helps further break down food into smaller softer pieces (bolus) to make for easier swallowing.  Chewing is important!
  2. Saliva and chewing signals the stomach to release hydrochloric acid (HCL) and gastric juices.
  3. Once the bolus arrives in the stomach, the gastric juices and HCL will break down food further. Side note: The HCL will help out the immune system by  killing any foreign bugs so they will not enter the body.
  4. Next the bolus journeys into the  small intestine.  Here, with the help of the pancreatic enzymes, the bolus breaks down into nutrients.
  5. The small intestinal walls have tiny holes in them that will allow for the absorption of the nutrients. However, stress, antibiotic use and poor eating habits can lead to these holes becoming larger thus allowing much bigger protein particles to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This is referred to as leaky gut and may create numerous problems in the body.
  6. The leftover bolus or waste that the body does not want will travel to the large intestine where excess water will be reabsorbed into the body, leaving a more solid waste that can be “pooped” out.
  7. If leaky gut is occurring in one’s body, the body’s immune system will begin attacking these larger particles thinking it is harmful. This can be one reason for food allergies.

That’s a very quick tutorial!

Here are some ways to help out your digestive system:

  • Drink warm lemon water 15 minutes before each meal
  • Eat a colorful plate
  • Chew your foods thoroughly
  • Enjoy your meal & take your time eating

If you have digestive problems:

  • Do the above
  • Commit to 1 week of daily castor oil packs
  • Consider taking probiotics for 1 month
  • Drink herbal teas; peppermint and licorice ( licorice will raise your blood pressure so best to consult with your doctor beforehand)

If you still are having problems, consult your doctor. There are many lab tests that can be done – celiac disease to food allergies.

Be well,



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Solutions for Better Digestion

digetionWhen I have patients come visit me, I begin our talks with digestion: everything from what they are eating, to chewing foods, how they feel before, during and after their meals, and then of course … elimination or pooping. I look for the truth, the whole truth, therefore, many times we chuckle a bit when everything is on the table.

I rarely over look enzymes when working with people. They are part of the first few steps in absorbing nutrients – if your enzymes are not present or not working optimally, your absorption of nutrients won’t be so great either leading to a myriad of health problems. Enzymes aid in breaking  down foods into smaller pieces or nutrients to be readily absorbed in the body. These enzymes are found in saliva ( importance of chewing), the stomach ( hydrochloric acid) , the pancreas and the intestines. They all have similar missions; get the foods broken down small enough so the body can absorb the nutrients and fuel the body.

Unfortunately in the modern world we live in, many things make it challenging for our bodies to do all the work itself. For example:

  • processed foods: the heating may destroy most enzymes in foods
  • eating on the run: eating too fast and not fully chewing foods
  • eating under stress – remember to enjoy your foods – every last bite
  • medications
  • poor diet: lack of whole colorful foods
  • leading a stressful life ( stress 101 part 1 and part 2)

Some of the signs of poor enzyme activity:

This is what I suggest to my patients to help them get enhance their enzyme activity:

  • place half to whole lemon into water and drink before each meal
  • or, place a tsp to 1 tbsp of organic cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink before each meal
  • eat more whole colorful foods: avoid processed foods
  • eat in a peaceful environment: not driving or in front of the tv
  • chew your foods … thoroughly

I am always quite amazed to see that it is the simplest changes that can make the biggest difference in one’s health. Although, if none of the above helps, then we move to supplements.

On a side note: Years ago, I read something from Deepak Choopra that made a profound difference in my view of eating and digesting. He said you could eat a beautiful whole fresh 10 course meal with your worse enemies and although the meal was considered healthy, you would not be able to digest it properly because you felt stressed. On the flip side, you could eat a fast food meal with your best friends, and digest it properly because you felt happy and relaxed. Now, whenever I eat a meal, I embrace every bite whether its something healthy or not so healthy.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Be well,

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Can you go gluten-free for a week (or more)?

gluten free foodsI decided to go off all grains before getting pregnant with my second daughter.  I did this for about three months but when I returned home for the holidays I indulged in all the goodies my sister’s had made and I felt horrible – stuffy and tired the whole trip.  I realized that I had been feeling that way my whole life and that gluten products must have been playing a role in that!

What is gluten?

Gluten is a wheat protein found in most grains. It is very difficult to digest and for some people it can cause celiac disease. This disease causes a disruption in the lining of the intestines, which increases permeability. This permeability allows other grain and milk proteins to cross over which causes an immune reaction.

Milk products seem to be on radar for food allergies and sensitivities but I actually find that gluten poses just as much a threat to our bodies. I have seen people complain of fatigue, foggy minds, hyperactive kids, sinus infections, and constipation- who when removed all gluten from their diet noticed dramatic changes.

How long do I need to go gluten-free?

I suggest to people to commit themselves to a time period that they can really commit to eliminating gluten from their diet (so you need to be honest with yourself!). Ideally 6 weeks but even after 1 week people can see a difference. For this time period, do not eat any grains (some brown rice is ok). On your last day, have a party and eat grains all day and note how you feel. You may not have realized that you felt bad before, and then after eating a normal daily load of grains your body will show you. You can try this with any foods. To me, it gives a much more accurate view of how your body responds to foods (versus a food allergy test).

Gluten Free Recipes & Support

Be well,


P.S. If your child wants to know more about how the digestive system works during your gluten-free trial check out The Lucky Escape!

Spring Clean Your Body: Emunctories

What is an emunctory?

An emunctory is an organ or duct that removes or carries waste from the body.

The bodies emunctories include: skin (sweat), kidneys (urine), digestive ( stool)  and respiratory systems ( carbon dioxide).  Below are 4 simple, easy to implement suggestions to open up your emunctories  to make a  profound difference in your health.

1. Sweat

  • Time to lace up your runners for a brisk walk, jog or run and find yourself a sauna to open up your pores and sweat.  There are no excuses for getting your runners on, but it might be a tad tricky to find a sauna; however, try a few local gyms – one will have a good clean one.

Spring Clean Your Body @DrHeatherND #Healthy #Food2. Hydrate

  •  A few years ago, I had a 7-year-old patient who complained of constant headaches. After careful observations ( and a check with her ophthalmologist) we realized she drank no water. We switched her juice intake to herbal iced tea and water infused with lemons and oranges. Not only did she feel better, she preformed better at everything she was involved in. Drink more hydrating fluids.
  • The kidneys filter the blood of toxins and through urination, they are removed from the body.

3. Eat more fiber

  • Getting more fiber in your diet is not difficult when you start adding more color to every meal. Sprinkle seeds ( flax, hemp, chia) and nuts  to your smoothies, cereals, cookies and salads to fiber enrich your diet.
  • Fiber will bind to toxins in the body and will help them to be eliminated through the digestive system.

4. Breath

  •  Many of us tend to shallow breath; take notice of your breathing pattern  breathing and begin relaxing into deep belly breaths daily.
  • Deep breathing helps the lungs push out the carbon dioxide that the body has accumulated and it also, calms and centers us.


Be well,





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