curriculum: immune system

HBDs Go into the Immune System

This curriculum is aligned to Common Core State Standards by a National Board Certified Teacher

An adventure into the Immune System that includes:
• four 50-minute lesson plans
• 20+ pages of activities and worksheets
• Jeopardy® review assessment on Power Point
• audio recording of the story
• audio recording of the theme song (plus lyrics)
• hands on labs and experiments
• colorful stickers
• HBD poster
Email if you need a different amount of books.
Digital only: $97.00
With 1 books: $107.00 (s & h: $6.00)
With 2 books: $117.00 (s & h: $8.00)
Skype visit: $99.00

Have Dr. Heather visit your class via skype!

A side note: Teacher’s notes, activities, games, audio and worksheets comfortably stretch each curriculum package out over at least 4 weeks. Each of the four 50-minute lesson plans gets you started with your week and then pick as many of the exploration games and activities provided to keep the kids engaged until the next lesson plan. It is likely that you will might not be able to fit all of the activities into your schedule but you have the flexibility to choose.

Therefore, the curriculum unit is good for an adventurous, entertaining and engaging month!

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