Hearing Loss And Teens: The New Epidemic?

86159080Hearing Loss and your teenagers: Could it be the nest epidemic? Either way, it’s something to think about and talk to your doctor about.

Maybe your teen/partner is hearing what they want to or perhaps they are the 1 in 5, 48 to 59 year old adults who are experiencing hearing loss. To add to the possible non-compliance in your house, a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 1 in 5 teens have relevant hearing loss. What ever the reason, learn a little more and take some preventable action.

Further more,  the New York Times:

“One in five teenagers suffer from at least slight hearing loss, a marked increase from a decade ago, according to a study reported in today’s Vital Signs column.”

“The new study, published Wednesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association, analyzed data on about 1,771 youngsters aged 12 to 19…. The percentage with at least slight hearing loss increased by 30 percent, to 19.5 percent from 14.9 percent in the earlier study.”

How Do We Hear?

There are a few steps that allow us to hear. First, when sound enters through the outer ear (ear canal and the eardrum), it will travel down the canal and bounce off the eardrum to create a vibration. Secondly, the vibrations will enter the middle ear bones, the ossicles, and create more vibrations. These added vibrations allow for fluid movement in the inner ear (cochlea), which cause the hair cells to send signals to the auditory nerve to the brain. Lastly, the brain will interpret these signals as sound.

 What Can Go Wrong?

Many things can go wrong but the most significant reason in our times is loud noise. Loud noise will generate free radicals (I write about the effects of free radicals a lot – click here to see one post) and these free radicals may cause damage to these hair cells and disengage the signals to happen.

What Are Loud Noises?

Instinctively, we may first think of concerts and playing loud music, but there are many other things that can contribute to hearing loss that we almost become immune to.  Traffic, being in an airplane, music in the car, humming of your computer and even your neighbor mowing their lawn can affect your hearing.

What Can You Do?

 Find silence: Everyday seek out some quiet peace for as long as you can.

Proper ear phones: Purchase sound-isolating earphones. They might be expensive but important  preventative method.  I have read that Shure is a good brand.

Ear plugs: Keep them handy and use when needed.

Supplements: To combat free radicals eat whole colorful foods and take antioxidants ( my favorite antioxidants, click here).

Be well,

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Healthy simple nutrition for your family can be daunting, especially when back to school time approaches. Summer is filled with pure crazy chaos: no set dinner time or bedtime – just great relaxing fun. However, our nutrition and healthy eating habits tend to get a little lost in the chaos and now it’s time to get back in a routine.

Summer is now over, most kids are back in school and it is time to get back to some healthy eating!

1. Eat supper together

  • This is really important – keeps families connected to the everyday life –  so making it happen is essential.

2. Be a good role model

  • Whatever is on your plate, put on your child’s plate as well. When kids see you eating colorful whole foods at every meal, they will eventually try it…I promise.

3. Create a healthy snack filled pantry

  • Have everyone write down 5 things that want to have available for snacks. Encourage healthy foods like seeds & nuts ( make a trail mix), fruit and vegetables.

4. Be proactive

  • Have healthy food available – bowl of fruit and/or cut up veggies with dips in fridge –  and even have the kids help you prepare meals – they will be more likely to eat something that they have helped create!

5.  Make healthy living & eating a priority

  • Engage in lively healthy conversations at the dinner table. For example; what do you think those foods are doing in our bodies? and how does healthy eating ( versus not so healthy eating) make us feel? Have your kids become aware of food and what it does in their their body.

Be well,

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