Gratitude: 3 Ways To Give Thanks Everyday

be gratefulHappy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! And my wish is that you are all with family and friends and eating a lot of turkey and pumpkin pie; my two favorite foods.

Being grateful, acknowledging gratefulness, giving thanks to your life, friends and family results in numerous health benefits from increased immunity to better sleep and an overall sense of well-being and peace. There are many ways to engage in daily gratitude and finding what works best for you is the key to making it a part of your everyday life. Below are a few ways that have shown to help:

  • Keep a gratitude journal by your bed, or keep one in your bag or start a note on your phone or computer. I prefer to write down just a few things that I am grateful for first thing in the morning so a journal by the bed is good for me; however, I also keep a journal on my computer that helps me quickly write down things that arise during the day that makes me smile.
  • Say thank-you. It’s easy to forget to say these two words but make an effort to say it more to everyone.
  • Take a deep breath when faced with a difficult situation. Think about how you can react  to it differently then you have done in the past. Mental shifts can make a healthy change in your life. Change is good and opens up doors to new opportunities.

Have a wonderful holiday season and THANK YOU to you all have are reading this and have been reading my posts, books and curriculum throughout the last few years. I am grateful.



My Top 10 Healthy Family Instagram Accounts To Follow

When I began writing this post, I initially planned to focus on bragging about my new Human Body Detectives website. It’s justified: the new site is beautiful, packed with important information, and the creative people who helped create it worked hard ( thanks Beth and Nina!). But then I thought, yup, I am proud, however, I am even more proud and excited of all the other amazing people who are focusing on children’s health: their positive lifestyle habits on nutrition, art, physical activity and their the eco friendly products. I am not suggesting to forgo checking out my new site, please do that and grab The Little HBD Activity Book, but also jump over to Instagram and follow these trailblazers who are all working hard to leave a positive, healthy, inspiriting impact on our kids.



( these are in no particular order and, Human Body Detectives is new to Instagram so please let me know your favorite IG feeds)







why? Shirin is the founder of the brilliant, fabulous and much needed, Whizgirl Academy. She is constantly inspiring kids to work with technology in a empowering way.


why? Catherine McCord is the Food Mama. Her instagram food pics are beautiful, her recipes are simple and nutritious and I just adore that she is shopping ( and capturing amazing photos) at her local farmers markets.


why? Melissa is everything: MS in nutrition, traveler, mom, and has a integrative informative website called, DandelionMoms.


why? I love that she promotes hand written notes for all families; kids included. I love her creative, clever and beautiful notecards, journals and pens that are all eco-friendly. I adore her.


why? Their feed is family oriented with a ton of bright colorful images of not only their products but of playful food art, active kids and even some creative kid projects.


why? She might not be kid oriented but I love her playful approach to wellness. Amie is definitely a wellness warrior; overcoming chronic disease by changing her diet. Her recipes are yummy, healthy and I think kid-friendly.


why? They are inspiring kids to pay attention to food choices and  to cook for their families. Their photos are beautiful and their mission is solid and important.


why? I have 2 girls and I know they need support in the world to show them that they are strong and powerful. Love Jen’s message.


why? This amazing mom is showing us her fabulous book choices for her little one.  She is also a literacy advocate and has a PhD in Education.


why? Kids doing art is important in their academic growth, therefore, anyway I can find ways to incorporate art activities in kids lives, I am all for it. Jamie has great playful ideas and her feed is pretty!

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